Dawn AI guide

Dawn AI is a crypto personal assistant that can answer your questions about Ethereum, send transactions, interact with protocols and tell you about what’s happening on-chain.

Let Dawn AI help you use Ethereum!
Let Dawn AI help you use Ethereum!

How Dawn AI can help you

The best way to use Dawn is to give the AI agent a clear, simple instruction for what you want it to do.

You can ask the AI to prepare a transaction e.g. lend $10 of eth (it will always be simulated before you’re asked to sign), or to answer a question you may have.

Dawn may take a few seconds to respond. The chains supported are: mainnet, optimism, base, polygon, zora, arbitrum. Dawn can currently help you with 22 different activities, described below, with support for more coming soon!

1. Find out what’s happening on-chain

Balances and net worth

  • what is my eth balance?

  • what is the dai balance of tomwaite.eth?


  • what is the most valuable NFT of koide.eth?

  • how many NFTs does vitalik.eth have?

  • what NFTs do I own?


  • what is the net worth of tomwaite.eth?

  • what is the price of aave?

  • what are the borrow rates on aave?

  • what tokens do I have?

  • what tokens are trending?

  • what NFTs are trending?

  • what is the latest news in crypto?

  • what are the top yields in crypto?

2. Sending transactions and interacting on-chain

Sending assets

  • send $5 of eth to koide.eth

  • send 0.2 aave to 0xd8dA6BF26964aF9D7eEd9e03E53415D37aA96045


  • swap 1 dai for usdc

  • swap $10 of aave for weth

Swaps are routed along the most efficient path possible using 1inch.


  • what loans do I have?

  • lend 10 USDC

  • withdraw 5 USDC

  • lend $100 of eth

Loans are created via Aave.

Switch chain

Want to switch chain from the default of Optimism? Tell Dawn AI!

  • switch chain to base


  • bridge $5 of eth to base

  • bridge 20.5 dai to mainnet

3. Answering questions

Dawn AI also has Internet access, so can search for things it does not immediately know, such as “what is worldcoin?”

What would you like Dawn AI to be able to do?

We’re keen to get your feedback! When Dawn AI responds to a prompt, you’ll have a thumbs up and thumbs down button - indicate if the response was good or not, we’ll improve the AI with this feedback!

And are there any on-chain actions that you want to see Dawn AI do? Let us know!

Give us feedback if the response was helpful!
Give us feedback if the response was helpful!
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