Building Dawn Vote with Boardroom

Dawn Vote has recently launched and is the result of an exciting collaboration between Dawn Wallet and Boardroom. It is a mobile governance DAO voting tool embedded into the Dawn Wallet which brings voting in DAOs to where you are - you can vote on the move, access a curated governance newsfeed and receive push notifications whenever a new relevant vote goes live!

Governance views in Dawn
Governance views in Dawn

Dawn Vote was built on top of Boardroom’s Governance API. This aggregates on-chain DAO vote data and off-chain Snapshot proposals to make on-chain voting easily digestible. The API also tracks delegation activity and supports vote power calculations across hundreds of projects.  There are several endpoints that Boardroom have built out - try some of the key ones below!

Firstly generate an API Key here or test it out on the Playground with the sample key: a9e2a08afc04b15bd17e20f05373b9e5


Q: What protocols can a user vote in?


  • Fetch all the protocols that a user is able to vote in

Q: What protocol votes have occurred?


  • Get all the proposals of a particular protocol

Q: Has a user voted?


  • Fetches whether a user has voted on the proposal

Up next

There’s lots more to come to Dawn Vote including AI summarised proposal text and in-app delegations.

Boardroom is also rapidly expanding their API, making it easier to fetch vote data off-chain and adding first class support, ensuring that the product is specifically built to deliver stronger user centric voting and governance experiences.

We’re excited about bringing governance to mobile. Download Dawn and get voting on the move with Dawn Vote and Boardroom!

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